VIP Customer options:

This exclusive service is provided in our store (MacroBaby) and other selected stores in Orlando.

The MacroBaby VIP also includes exclusive discounts on MacroBaby, which are only available to customers who have hired the service.

Vip One: 3 hours of service (one day) - price US$ 150.00.

Vip Two: 4 hours of service (one day) - price US$ 190.00.

Vip Three: 6 hours of service (can be divided in 2 days) - price US$ 280.00.


The VIP Service must be paid in FULL at time of scheduling and receipt of payment must be presented before the service begins. Both the Baby Product Specialist and the VIP Customer will be wearing a VIP Pin so others, including employees, will not interrupt service. If you need to change something to your order, please contact us at